Sully’s first day

The journey to collect Sully, my 8 wk old Border Collie puppy, from his breeder was one of mixed emotions. I was excited to bring him home and start our new life together but still grieving for the unexpected loss of my young dog last year.

That face!

I prepared his travelling crate with fleecy bedding from my house and his breeder’s. I used Pet Remedy, a natural product which has a calming effect on cats, dogs and other species. Despite this, he spent half the journey telling everyone he had been kidnapped. Every time he looked like he was falling asleep he cried again.

I carefully introduced him to my older dog (Braccy) and cat (Bingo) using a light collar and houseline (see earlier blog) to manage him and keep all of them feeling safe. We explored the garden together. He went to the toilet, had his dinner and supper.

At bedtime it took a while to settle him in his pen and all seemed well. I got up the next day to find he had climbed out the pen, eaten the cat’s food and litter tray contents and was asleep in Braccy’s bed!