Sully 3 weeks on

Life now has a routine based around Sully and his needs, my work and caring for Braccy and Bingo. He’s still on 4 meals a day but supper will no longer be served after the weekend.

He has several very short training sessions each day so he’s learning to stay still for handling, grooming and toweling. Also sit, down and stand. We also play the follow me game which is basically a baby version of walking on a lead nicely.

Sully loves to play tug and fetch. I try to change the toys he plays with each day. Much of this is from the recycling bin, cardboard boxes or tubes with treats hidden inside, milk containers with stones/water/rice or nothing inside. Once he’s finished with them they go back into the bin.

He has met some very nice dogs and played, visited pet shops, watched some horses grazing, sat on a bench and watched traffic and people pass by, yesterday he went to Go Outdoors. We have just returned from his 3rd visit to the vets to be weighed. Over the next few weeks I will continue to broaden his positive experiences with the outside world.