Playing with your dog

Playing with your dog or puppy;

  • builds a lifelong relationship that teaches them that you are fun to be with
    • if you don’t they will be more interested in other dogs/people etc.
  • provides appropriate games for their natural drives
    • if you don’t they will start to play the ‘wrong’ games e.g. chasing and not coming back
  • is a great way to use up their energy, mentally and physically
    • if you don’t they’ll use it another way e.g. jumping up

A recent survey of 4000 dogs, carried out by Emily Blackwell at Bristol University, found that those who play less with their owners are more likely to show behaviour problems such as anxiety, aggression, jumping up, not coming when called.

So getting into the routine of playing with your dog 3 or more times a day can really help your dog to be more contented

Many dogs love ‘fetch’ they also love using their noses to find toys/food – look out for my next Scent Games date – tugging, shaking, hide and seek.

Play your dog’s favourite games and he will be a more settled dog to live with.

To learn more about how to play with your dog or puppy appropriately, contact me to find out more information about dog training and puppy training classes.