One to one consultations

Puppy Support

A well behaved puppy relaxing on the beach

Many owners of a new puppy feel a little bit out of their depth with issues such as toilet training and play-biting. The good news is that this is normal.

Booking a one hour home visit as your puppy settles in can be of huge benefit. You will be guided in how to teach using kind techniques and can discuss any issues of concern eg. amount of exercise, settling overnight.

If work commitments make regular attendance at class impossible then home sessions can be arranged to help you.

To arrange an appointment contact Dee.

1 to 1 Training

One to one training sessions can be arranged at home or in a suitable location depending on your requirements.

To arrange an appointment contact Dee.

Behaviour Problems

A terrier guarding a toy on a lawn.

Behaviour problems can occur at any age; it may be something that has gradually worsened or a sudden change as a result of a specific experience.

dee4dogs offers an in depth consultation, at your home, with veterinary referral. You will receive a detailed written report to help you understand and change your dog’s problem behaviour.

Please contact Dee for further information and to book an appointment.