More surgery preparations

Although Sully will have physical limitations after surgery, his Collie brain will still need to be occupied. Having experienced Covid lockdown restrictions, I am sure most people can appreciate how it can affect mental well-being. In preparation I have been collecting smells.

Investigating odour is a really important part of trips away from home, so out on walks I have been collecting items I think will interest him (usually those which Braccy has shown me) but also feathers, sticks, stones, earth, safe items of litter. I tip them out into a unused cat litter tray for him to enjoy while I go out with Braccy and build a new collection.

play time

To prepare Sully for his physical recovery he has been revisiting some of his puppy experiences, He has been confined to his HUGE crate for short periods of time, he has all his meals in there too. Sometimes he chooses to rest in there, often he’ll play in there. So having built on some happy memories I am hopeful that his periods of crate rest will be restful for him.

I have spent several weeks practising walking slowly on his harness around the garden as this will be his only exercise in the near future. He has also learned to walk slowly down and up a ramp as there are a couple of steps to negotiate.