Houseline help with puppies

Since my Border Collie puppy, Riff, came home I have had a houseline attached to his collar or harness whenever he is out of his safe area and I am able supervise him.


Because prevention is better than cure:

If he was free to roam he could be:

  • learning to bite my laces when I’m tying them
  • chasing my cat
  • putting his head in the fridge when I open the door
  • jumping up to greet people
  • rushing out through open doors
  • playbiting people
  • bothering my older collie, Braccy
  • falling in the pond

As a result of using the houseline to guide him he is learning to:

  • watch me tie my shoes
  • look at the cat and allow her to approach
  • watch me open and close the fridge
  • keep feet on the floor to meet people
  • keep teeth on toys
  • investigate the pond safely
  • not to play roughly with Braccy


By preventing unwanted behaviour I can more easily guide and reward him for ‘good’ behaviour.

For example, when my cat comes in I stand on the line to keep the puppy still so that she can approach and investigate him in safety. If she moves away I reward him so that he is less likely to have the urge to go after her, which will make her run and will cause him to chase and learn a new game which will distress my cat.

This makes for a calmer household, I avoid having to rush after him, grab him, scoop him up or tell him off I can just stand on or lift up the line and he cannot go wrong