House training your puppy

Dice-asleep-croppedAs dogs have a natural tendency to move out of the nest to go to the toilet, from three weeks of age your puppy will begin to leave the sleeping area to do so.

When he comes home, you need to teach him that your house is his ‘nest’

When you take him outside stay with him, otherwise he may be too anxious to go when he is alone and instead will do so when he comes back indoors to ‘safety’.

When he is about to go introduce a cue e,g, hurry up, be quick etc

Once he has been praise him well and reward him with titbit or a favourite game

Wait for a few minutes, if he doesn’t go, take him in and keep him with you using a lead or houseline and try again later.

If he begins to go indoors you can interrupt him with a ‘Quick, quick’ and easily guide him outdoors.

Swooping down suddenly and scooping a puppy up in the air can be frightening for them and make them worried about hands coming towards them.

When you cannot concentrate on your puppy, confine him to an area with suitable flooring so that any accidents can easily be cleaned up and the floor washed with warm diluted biological washing solution.

As your puppy learns where he should go to the toilet he will begin to show signs that he needs to go out, such as going to the door, pawing at it or whining.