Covid 19 and the Painted Dogs of Africa

Dee4dogs is proud to continue supporting the work of the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) at the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) project in Zimbabwe.

These beautiful animals are already endangered and under even greater threat due to the disastrous effects that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the income of local people. Poaching is on the increase. Snares are being set to catch bush meat such as antelope, unfortunately as these animals are part of the painted dog diet they often get caught and horrendously maimed or killed.

The APU work has never been more important (see newspaper report below) and their dogs are vital members of the team who need care and attention, such as regular treatment for flea and tick infestations (each pack costs £30). If you would like to make a small donation it can be made via this link:

Newspaper report: NOVEMBER 9, 2020

Four poachers who were arrested over the weekend for killing 5 buffalo and 2 kudus were sentenced in Hwange court to an effective 18 months each, plus restitution to the (ZimParks) of US$48 000 for the buffalo and US$ 4 500 for the kudu.

The poachers were arrested after they were tracked by a combined team of PAINTED DOG CONSERVATION Anti-Poaching (PDC) rangers, Bhejane Trust Rhino Monitors and National Parks.

The poachers had hidden their kit and meat at their base camp hidden in the hills in the Deka Tail concession, bordering the Sinamatella area.

However, the poachers had left the camp, so the team continued to track them. For the next 5km, the poachers were anti-tracking, but when they thought they were clear, they headed straight for their home village.

The team followed, and some 28km from the base, they came to the poacher’s home village – by now it was getting dark.

They waited until everything in the village settled down and went to sleep, and then raided the houses – by now PDC HAD BROUGHT IN A K9 SNIFFING DOG to help.

They arrested four of the poachers, but another three escaped, but are known and are on the run. They recovered meat and various incriminating items.

The four poachers confessed to the poaching, led the team to their snare lines which were removed, and gave a lot of valuable information on all the poaching syndicates in the area.