Sully 3 weeks on

Life now has a routine based around Sully and his needs, my work and caring for Braccy and Bingo. He’s still on 4 meals a day but supper will no longer be served after the weekend. He has several very short training sessions each day so he’s learning to stay still for handling, grooming and […]

Sully’s first day

The journey to collect Sully, my 8 wk old Border Collie puppy, from his breeder was one of mixed emotions. I was excited to bring him home and start our new life together but still grieving for the unexpected loss of my young dog last year. I prepared his travelling crate with fleecy bedding from […]

What does puppy socialisation mean?

Many owners believe that socialisation is allowing their puppy meets as many dogs as possible. But it is so much more than that Puppies need to learn about the living world, people, cats, cows, sheep, dogs, swans, horses etc. There are different shapes and sizes in all of the above They also need to learn […]

Hot dogs

The sudden change in the weather has been a shock to our systems and our dogs. Dogs cool themselves by panting, they need cooler moving air in order to maintain a safe body temperature. That is why it can be so dangerous to leave a dog in a vehicle At home make sure they have […]

Firework Season is here again!

It is very distressing to see your lovely dog terrified in their own home or too frightened to go into the garden for a comfort break. Some dogs even begin to worry as soon as it gets dark This little book by Toni Shelbourne and Karen Bush has some great tips for helping anxious dogs […]

Babies and dogs

This week I have visited two families, one with a 3 yr old dog and the other with a 10 week old puppy. Both families want to keep their baby safe and were worried about the excitable behaviour from their furry friend. Although the needs of the two dogs were quite different the principles behind […]

Houseline help with puppies

Since my Border Collie puppy, Riff, came home I have had a houseline attached to his collar or harness whenever he is out of his safe area and I am able supervise him. Why? Because prevention is better than cure: If he was free to roam he could be: learning to bite my laces when […]

Playing with your dog

Playing with your dog or puppy; builds a lifelong relationship that teaches them that you are fun to be with if you don’t they will be more interested in other dogs/people etc. provides appropriate games for their natural drives if you don’t they will start to play the ‘wrong’ games e.g. chasing and not coming […]

A brief overview of neutering your puppy

The surgery for the removal of the internal reproductive organs is termed: Castration (testicle removal) in males Spaying (womb and ovary removal) in females There are arguments for and against the operations and when might be the best age for surgery. Pros of spaying no risk of womb infection no risk of ovarian tumours prevents […]

House training your puppy

As dogs have a natural tendency to move out of the nest to go to the toilet, from three weeks of age your puppy will begin to leave the sleeping area to do so. When he comes home, you need to teach him that your house is his ‘nest’ When you take him outside stay […]