Behaviour Problems

StellaBehaviour problems can occur at any age; it may be something that has gradually worsened or a sudden change as a result of a specific experience.
Some examples of problem behaviour are:

  • Dog-dog aggression
  • Fear of strangers
  • Fear of loud noises
  • Inappropriate toileting

It is important to consult your veterinary surgeon in the first instance in order to be sure that there is no underlying medical cause.

The next step is to book an appointment and before the visit complete a questionnaire about your dog’s life and the problem behaviour.

An in depth consultation, at your home, will last 1-2 hours and you will gain an understanding of the reasons for your dog’s behaviour and strategies to help change it.

Within a week of the meeting you will receive a detailed written report and a copy will be sent to your vet.

Please contact Dee for further information and to book an appointment.