Babies and dogs

This week I have visited two families, one with a 3 yr old dog and the other with a 10 week old puppy. Both families want to keep their baby safe and were worried about the excitable behaviour from their furry friend. Although the needs of the two dogs were quite different the principles behind how to improve their behaviour is the same.

Teach your dog what to do, if you don’t want him to jump up, reward him for keeping his feet on the floor. Food rewards are easiest to manage and can be part of their daily food allowance to prevent weight gain.

The arrival of a new baby changes many things in your dog’s life. It is important to maintain his regular walks and give him some one-to-one time so that he doesn’t try to gain your attention when you are busy with the baby.

I recommend ‘Babies, Kids and Dogs’ by Melissa Fallon and Vickie Davenport for in depth advice and support to help you and your family as they grow. But just like any recipe book, the results may not be quite what you expected and advice from a knowledgable and experienced dog trainer may be just what you need.