Adolescence has arrived!

Over the last 3 months Sully has continued to visit beaches, sheep, woods, horses, shops and fields, meeting people and friendly dogs. He has also had a lovely house-sitter take care of him, and Braccy, for 2 weeks while I was away. He is very handy round the home as he loves biting water from the hosepipe, sweeping leaves and mowing the lawn. Very recently he tried his paws at garden landscaping!

At 7 months Sully is no longer a biddable puppy but an adolescent with his own ideas which may not always coincide with mine! For example, coming indoors used to be easy but he has learned that mostly it means that I am going out so now he is reluctant to do so. Not even for food

It is easy to become frustrated especially if time is tight, but getting cross won’t fix this. So firstly I call him in my normal recall voice, in the vain hope he will respond, then I go part way down the garden, turn and call ‘ready, steady, run’ and we run into the house together. Then his reward will be waiting on his bed

On a positive note I can see the handsome and lovely boy he will become and it makes my heart swell with love and pride – just before I discover another hole in the lawn!