About Dee

Delia is committed to helping puppy and dog owners to build a life-long bond with their pets through the use of kind, effective training methods. She guides owners into recognising and rewarding the good behaviour their dogs show whilst ignoring or preventing unwanted behaviour.


She has nearly 40 years of dog training experience, and trains by building a bond through trust and teamwork using methods which have been scientifically proven to be effective.

She regularly attends practical and academic courses to continue her professional development and gained an MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling at Southampton University as a specialist in dog and puppy behaviour. She is a member of The Animal Behaviour and Training Council

Delia was a founder member of the Blue Cross Education Volunteer programme in Leicestershire. She and her dogs have visited many schools and youth groups to help educate the next generation of dog owners.

In addition she is a volunteer instructor for Dog AID which specialises in training people with physical disabilities to teach their own dog the skills necessary to become a full assistance dog. Delia is also a volunteer trainer with the Dogs for Good (Family Dog) scheme and volunteer dog walker for the Cinnamon Trust charity. She also works with the Darwin Dogs based in Nottingham which offers support for people with mental health problems..  Finally, she is also active in supporting and fundraising for Medical Detection Dogs and Painted Dog Conservation UK